What's Our Plan?

How We Work to Achieve Our Vision


Where our vision is built around our Broadcast-Educate-Connect framework, our strategy utilizes our three primary benefits to meet the needs of our customer partners.

Our Three Primary Benefits



We've set out to change the way the P.V.F. industry uses video and other modern communication technologies. And we believe that our in-house, video-creation studio has the capability to do just that.


Designed for individual login, our cloud accessible, centralized SQL data portal is password-protected, boasting more than 1 billion cells of data, and made for unique company pages, not general for all.


As a sign of how important customer relationships are for us, for the last 3 years, over 25% of our agency revenues have been invested in creating dynamic new customer services each year.

What These Benefits Mean For You:


A winning system of products and services.