Flow Reps is a 2nd-generation Manufacturers Representative Agency.

Our Vision?

To Broadcast, Educate and Connect.

This vision is built around a funnel style framework, where the needs of the top-of-the-funnel customer require a broader level of service, and the needs of the bottom-of-the-funnel customer require a much more narrow and personalized focus.



Broadcast is the largest piece of the funnel framework.

Our first and foremost ambition is to broadcast our Principals' messages to every individual in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia who needs P.V.F. training. These individuals include engineers, installers, facility/process owners, in addition to the distributors that we serve.

We Broadcast when we make sales calls, phone calls, send emails and direct mail, or use social media.



Our second ambition is to EDUCATE those who are interested in learning more.

So, anyone interested in learning more will have access to detailed training on our products and how they work, and they'll better understand how our products can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the facility and process environment.
How Do We Do This?

We create quick-tip and product informational videos for marketing pieces.

We perform in-person demonstrations and training.

We also send individuals to view more long form online content, such as product training and seminar videos.



And our final ambition is to Connect.

We connect by introducing those who want further purchasing details with our distributor partners.



What good is a large customer directory paired with snazzy marketing if, at the end of the day, no one buys the products?

Flow Reps has aligned itself with premier manufacturers.
When we talk, ask us about specific examples of how we have started with $x in sales, and have now grown to 3-6x in sales.
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