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Who Are We?

We Are Flow Reps


Founded in 1957, Flow Reps is a 2nd-generation Manufacturer's Representative Agency.
At the forefront of our company is a commitment to: Be a person of character (by modeling our lives after the Greatest) Keep our Core Values (by embracing our Vision and Strategy of Service front and center) Do greater works today than we did yesterday (by bringing every-increasing value to each relationship) for all edification of our Principals and our Customers.

Where We Work

Our current sales territory is North & South Carolina, Virginia, and Eastern Tennessee.



In 1955, after working several years with an Industrial mill-supply distributor, Paul Stack, Sr. started representing Pipe-Valve-Equipment and mechanical equipment manufacturers.

The company originally went by Paul Stack Company. 30 years later the company changed to doing business as Stack Marketing Service when Paul Stack Jr. assumed the helm. Then 25 years later, the name changed again to Flow Reps because of opportunities to make use of opportunities afforded by the internet. In total, it's been almost 65 years since our beginning, and the changes in the industry have been significant. But, the commitment to relationships and results is stronger than ever.